About the Attorney

Ray T. Kennington, Attorney at Law is Not Just a Law Firm
in Ozark, AL, Trust Him to Handle Your Legal Issues

At Ray T. Kennington, Attorney At Law, we believe our success as a law firm is largely attributable to our strong and cohesive team. Whether you are seeking legal advice for bankruptcy, personal injury, or another field, we strive to maximize our resources and magnify each team member's individual talents and expertise. You can be sure that when you deal with Ray T. Kennington, Attorney At Law, you will get the right people for the job. We work together to resolve all types of legal issues for the people of Ozark, AL.

Mr. Ray T. Kennington

Ray T. Kennington, Attorney At Law is a talented, educated and experienced attorney, who currently serves as an Assistant District Attorney. He is committed to making outstanding legal services accessible to the people of Ozark. Mr. Kennington is constantly enhancing his vast knowledge and experience by keeping up to date with changes in the law. When you need resolution to your legal issues, contact Ray T. Kennington, Attorney At Law today.

Client First

Ray T. Kennington, Attorney At Law works together with you. Our personalized service centers on working for your best interests. We will always answer your questions and address your concerns fully. We operate with maximum transparency and absolute confidentiality. Come in and speak to us about your legal issues in Ozark today. Talk to the team that cares.

Support Team

It takes a dedicated team of support staff to keep any law firm running efficiently and effectively. Ray T. Kennington, Attorney At Law's support staff are always courteous, helpful and ready to answer questions regarding your legal issues. We value professionalism and superior service highly, which you will experience for yourself when you call us or visit our office in Ozark.
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